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Whether as a builder, owner or developer, the content of the proposed building contract is of paramount importance. It governs the rights and obligations of the parties from the date of signing to the date of building handover and beyond. A well-prepared contract is fundamental to a successful outcome. At KO Construction Law we can guide the client through the many potential pitfalls and traps, often proposing innovative solutions and alternatives. Peace of mind results from good legal advice.

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In the absence of a well drawn contract, often, in the course of construction, the parties may encounter difficulties and uncertainties. KO Construction Law will review the contractual situation carefully, taking into account all relevant facts and circumstances, and provide helpful, constructive legal advice designed to overcome such hurdles and move to a successful completion.

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The owner-builder can also benefit from advice provided by KO Construction Law. He/she will be called upon to contract with sub-contractors who will proffer a myriad of differing contracts containing a wide variety of rights and obligations. Further there may be side contracts with financiers to be dealt with. The KO Construction Law client can rest assured that he/she would be guided unerringly through this process.

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It is sometimes necessary to consider bringing a contract to an end prior to completion of the construction works. There are common law, and may be statutory or contractual rules to observe. Wrongful termination can lead to disastrous consequences. Good legal advice is essential. The KO Construction Law client has the advantage.

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At KO Construction Law we realise the importance of asset preservation. We can advise and arrange the most suitable structure to suit the client’s circumstances, perhaps by way of Discretionary and/or Unit Trust combined with appropriate corporate structure, or otherwise, depending on the particular circumstances. We can advise , explain and implement – once again providing peace of mind for our valued clients.

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